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Teen STAR Course News

Teen STAR Courses for Teenagers

You are a Parent and you would like your teenager to attend a Teen STAR Course;
You represent an Institution and you would like to implement a Teen STAR Course for your pupils, youth group ...;
Courses are usually run as after-school clubs throughout the school year;
Courses are delivered, and can be delivered, in different locations for different age-groups; and
To find out where Courses are being delivered, and where they can be delivered, please contact us.

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Teen STAR Tutor Training Courses

You are: a parent, a school head teacher, a teacher, a school nurse, a doctor, a youth group leader, an educator …

You have discovered the spirit of the Teen STAR Courses and you are convinced that it is effective in helping teenagers to build their emotional lives successfully.

Our Tutor Training Courses are usually attended by between 15 and 25 people. We had a very successful Teen STAR Training Course in January 2020 and we will let you know when and where the next one will take place. 

Dates of our next Teen STAR Tutor Training Course:

Friday 10th November to Sunday 12th November 2023.

London - Balham.

We would be very pleased to come and make a presentation to you.

Click below to make the arrangements.

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