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Our Philosophy

Taking Time to Get to Know Oneself

In taking time to think about human relationships, love and sexuality, Teen STAR Courses address all aspects of the personality of a human being, whether physiological, emotional, social, intellectual or spiritual.

The key is to keep in mind the necessity of coherence between all aspects of what a human being is.

Teen STAR Courses offers a uniquely holistic approach that helps teenagers to mature into a fully integrated person. 

Our Philosophy: About Us
Our Philosophy: Qui sommes-nous

When Did it Start?

From Idea to Action

Teen STAR Courses are currently delivered in 30 countries on 5 continents.

It was founded in the 1980s by Dr Klaus (MC, FACOG) and her team in the USA.

In the 60s she worked in hospitals in Pakistan and Bangladesh for several years as a director of gynaecology and obstetric services. There, she met many teenagers and women in distress. Later on, back in the USA, she encountered many teenagers who were pregnant. From the experience she gained, she and her team developed a Course enabling teenagers to answer the questions they had about relationships, love and sexuality.

Teen STAR Courses in the UK started in 2016 under the support and guidance of Teen STAR France.

Teen STAR is a non-profit organisation.

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